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Wine selection
"With a good bottle of wine I forget my worries, but I never forget a good bottle of wine by my worries."

Many have written about wine. This is not surprising because it is an exceptional product that has a lot to say. For the guest in the restaurant the wine should be especially well priced and tasty.

This is now a lot easier. Owner of hotel of "De Boegschroef", Paul Oldenburger, found out,  about two years ago, that   many self-respecting Curacao restaurants and hotels in the Caribbean and South America using a unique wine dispenser in which all wines were sold by the glass. Back in the Netherlands, Paul Oldenburger came into contact with Gewald Baremans from Baremans Wynkopery of North Brabant.

Gewald Baremans brought the system to the Netherlands. The first and only of its kind is now in Delfzijl in the Hotel De Boegschroef.

Paul Oldenburger explains how the wine dispenser works. "It's a climate chamber where bottles of wine are in just the right temperature. The bottles are connected to a tap system which wine by the glass can be served. By a slight overpressure of nitrogen, which does not oxidize the wine, the wine can certainly 21 days remain preserved, "says Paul. This system allows us to sell all of our wines by the glass and serve guests the opportunity to taste more wines. The exclusive wines are now available by the glass.

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