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Contrasts define the North Groningen landscape and everyday life of the North Groningen. Impressive farms alongside humble peasants's cottages. Wide channels along ancient buts. Flapping sails battling brutal wind farms, small ports versus modern sea-ports and so on so on. Many contrasts but all in harmony.

Our county has many beautiful spots, we tell you what you can do during your visit. Unpack once the bike and discover the beautiful landscapes of the Hoogeland. Or make a day trip to Groningen and enjoy the bustling city with many beautiful terraces.

Take your bike or take advantage of the opportunity to rent a bike at the tourist office and thoroughly enjoy the landscape of Groningen. The various villages mounds are worth it.

The town has received city rights in 1327, has left much of the history preserved. Typical of the town are the originating warehouses, homes with hanging kitchens. On request at the tourist office there to city walks.