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A good start to the day

The continental breakfastbuffet is wellknown for its extensive choice. Something to start with.

Baskets with slices white -  and brown bread
Croissants, hard buns, pistolets, sugar buns and raisin bread
White and brown buns

Meat- and cheeseplatters

Roastbeef, farmer's ham, fricandeau, chickenfilet with herbs
Edam cheese, mustardcheese, Brie, Old Amsterdam

Boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs
Fried bacon, grilled tomatoes, sausages

Dairy butter, Becel, cheesespread, liverpaté, various sweet spreads

Muesli, cornflakes, yogurtFresh fruit and sliced fruit

Koffee, cappuccino, thee, milk, buttermilk, fresh orange juice and organic apple juice